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In addition to the company's exclusive production of "hot-dip galvanized drilling screws", as well as A193-B7 hot-dip galvanized bolts, Also provide various types of fastener products surface hot-dip galvanizing processing technology, the above pictures are listed in several categories for your  reference, If you do not see the required category, please contact us.


"Exclusive" Washer HDG、Nail HDG、Chain HDG、Self-Tapping Screw HDG

Self-Tapping Screw HDG
Nail HDG
High-strength bolts HDG, steel bolts HDG
Washer HDG
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 Manufacturing Process

Galvanizing process 1
Galvanized process 2
Galvanized process 3
Pour into the separator
Galvanized process 4
separator operation
Galvanized process 5
Remove the separation basket
Galvanized process 6
into the washing basket
Galvanized process 7
flux (for cleaning)
Galvanized process 8
water cooling
Galvanized process 9
Conveyor belt and inspection
Galvanized process 10
finished product
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