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Creating Hot-dip Galvanizing Culture

Protecting World's Limited Resources

To this day, I can still remember what Professor Otsuka said in the first class when I was studying abroad in Japan. He said that your future success depends on your own “imagination”, your own “philosophy”, and your persistence to your ideal goals. Also, it depends on your “interpersonal relationships”.
Therefore, I proposed this company vision when I first founded tg co., Itd. -
“Creating Hot-dip Galvanizing Culture and Protecting Taiwan's Limited Resources.” I hope the whole company can reflect on this company vision and further encourage one another.Taiwan is a beautiful island with breathtaking scenery and pleasant weather; however, it has limited resources/commodities and largely relies on imports. The more the demand for steels over time, and the more Taiwan imports it from abroad. Even though Taiwan has its own steelmaking plants now, we still rely largely on the importing the raw materials. As we all know, steel is the most commonly used construction material. However, the biggest disadvantages of steel are corrosion. The most common anti-corrosion is painting; however, little do people know that hot-dip galvanizing is the cheapest, most effective, and most economical anti-corrosion method.

This is the reason why tg co, ltd. has been operating under the highest guidance of “Creating Hot-dip Galvanizing Culture and Protecting Taiwan's Limited Resources.” I firmly believe that the “hot-dip galvanizing culture” can be formed if everyone knows that this is the best way to prevent steels from corrosion (let along it requires minimum maintenance). In this way, we can say “Taiwan's limited resources” are “protected”.
However, why does it have to be “hot dip galvanizing” and not “hot-dip gold plating” nor “hot-dip aluminum plating”? This is due to Zine's unique features. In addition to forming strong alloy with steels, Zinc also has the feature of “Cathodic protection”. By sacrificing the zinc anode, the underlying rust is controlled and will not corrode.

I truly hope that all my colleagues can all learn from Zinc's feature, work together as a team, and unite everyone's strengths. In this way, we can not only make profits but also achieve corporate sustainability.



Company Vision: Enhance company technology and services, make manufacturing automatic and intelligent, and advance with customers to excellence in hop dip galvanizing industry.



Company Beliefs: Based on integrity, quality, creative, and service this four company beliefs, we run the business stable, improve operation efficiency to maximize value for customers and fulfill social responsibility.

■  Integrity: Treat the customers and the business partners with integrity.

■  Quality: Carry out the management of manufacturing process and equipment to ensure the quality, moreover, fully utilize the hot dip galvanizing domain knowledge and statistical methods to advance products quality.

■  Creative: Develop state-of-the-art application product by insight of industry’s trend, and make the entire production line automatic with crucial advanced technology.

■  Services: Listen to the customers, employees, and shareholders to satisfy their needs. We will apply systematic analysis and measurements to achieve service efficiency.


Company Profile

■  Hot-dip galvanized self-drilling screws.

■  Small tank for self-tapping screws, nails, washers, screws, chains, bolts, nuts, and other fastener products.

■  Large tank for I-beam, steel pipe, wire frame, iron drum, floor gully cover, bridge steel, and other galvanized components.

■  Hot-dip galvanized building design and import and export trade.

HEAD OFFICE:Rm. A, 5F., No.287, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)





Taiwan Hot-dip Galvanizing Co. Ltd. was founded and opened its factory in Guishan District in Taoyuan City.


Formed technical partnership with ISK Japan.


Passed Taipower certification and became the first "Professionally Certified Hot-Dip Galvanizing Factory" in Taiwan.


Established Kaohsiung factory in Luzhu District in Kaohsiung City that exceeded 58,700 square feet.


Implemented production technique of 'Galvanized Chains' and became the technical leader in Taiwan's galvanizing industry.


Co-developed the "Galfan for batch type" with ITRI.


Finalized the technical R&D process of the "Galfan for batch type" and began mass production; Taipower placed a trial order.


Invested in the development of "Automatic Hot-Dip Galvanizing Equipment".


Formed technical partnership with TANAKA GALVANING CO., LTD. Japan.


Established Guanyin factory in Guanyin Industrial Area in Taoyuan City that exceeded 160,000 square feet.


Established Tainan factory in Shanshang Industrial Area in Tainan City that exceeded 192,000 square feet.


Taiwan Hot-dip Galvanizing Co. Ltd. renamed to tg co., Itd.


Successfully developed hot-dip galvanized self-drilling screws.

Guanyin Factory
Area:14,880 m²

Tainan Factory
Area:9,520 m²

Kaohsiung Factory
Area:5,500 m²



5F., No.287, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105405, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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